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LJ: Тимошенко типа спасла Украину, срочно заказав партию Тамифлю

Posted by hepato87 на 02.11.2009

mikhail-golub (C)

Under the TRP program, Roche will produce and store Tamiflu pandemic stockpiles for specified developing countries at a significantly reduced price with the cost spread over a number of years. Roche will then ship the stockpile to the governments of countries concerned when an influenza pandemic has been announced, or in the event of a public health emergency, upon request from the governments concerned. The countries can exercise their option to purchase the product at any time.

Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd и Tamiflu

А по ходу это плановая поставка препарата. Юлии Владимировне не стоило ночь не спать, самолет встречать с грузом.

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